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~*ACCOUNT MOVED??*~ by xFionnax ~*ACCOUNT MOVED??*~ :iconxfionnax:xFionnax 1 0
Dawn - 5
 "I'm so glad you're okay!" Sky shouts, pulling me into another big embrace.
 I nod, feeling her sleek brown hair brush against my cheek. I wrap my arms around her neck, enclosing the embrace knowing at least she cares. She lets go of me when I hear her phone ring an up-beat song, and I watch her slip it out of her back pocket. She raises her index finger at me, indicating she needs a moment. I step back a little and realize how dark I look. I wonder if my clothes are still at my house... I look down the street to wear my house stays still. It's still the plain white house, with both sides symmetrical. A wooden front door, a couple of windows bordering it, and a top window covered in yellow tape because it's been shattered; the window to my room.
 I don't think I've cried all that much over my remaining family dying.. Mainly because when my father died I suddenly shut out the rest of the world around me, especially my mother. I think I blamed all the sorrow and rage onto
:iconxfionnax:xFionnax 3 2
Dawn - 4
 I blankly stare at Jeff, and feel my pulse quicken and throb, almost painfully, throughout my wrists, finger tips, chest, and neck. I mutter "Jeff", repeating who he claims himself to be. I say it softly, but enough for him to hear and answer. He nods slowly, and my mind automatically recalls the way he hummed his name. It seems so familiar the way he said it.. I think I've heard it in my dream before, when I was still here in the hospital, or knocked out. How long ago was that..? Seems like forever. Somehow the image of the man named Jeff wasn't the man sitting next to me... but my attacker. Though his voice was the exact same soothing voice of Jeff over here.
 Jeff looks at me, his eyes piercing mine. I am the first one to glance away, as I sit here in silence. I feel myself shyly run my hand up my arm, and feel my skin rub against the burning cuts I've gotten from the broken glass.. His foggy blue eyes look at my hand when I pull it back, and I see little spots of blood dripping. I
:iconxfionnax:xFionnax 5 10
Dawn - 3
 I wake up to a soft, fuzzy sound of a heart-beat monitor. I feel numb all over, like I can't move anything. The rhythm of the heart beat becomes louder, and more clear, and I slowly begin to open my eyes. I try to fully open them, but it feels like tiny little weights are attached to my eyelids. I manage to open my right eye, because my left eye feels like it's tightly packed under an eye patch. I try to lift my limb arm, and eventually get it up to my face, to feel the object covering my left eye. I feel around, and I know it is an eye patch. I'm in a hospital room. What the hell happened?
 I sit up, only to feel a sharp pain strike my lower back, and my chest. I push myself to sit back on the pillows of my bed, and I regain my vision clearly. I begin to feel my arms again, and look at my hands. I look at the palms of my hands, and images flash before me like a nightmare. I see images in my head of the same position of my hands in front of me, only their covered in dark red
:iconxfionnax:xFionnax 7 20
Dawn - 2
 I grab hold of the man's wrist (the hand with the knife)and twist hard. His arm becomes weak, and I kick him hard in the stomach, causing him to fall to the floor. I quickly hold him down by the wrists to the floor. Once again, I feel a stinging sensation on my back where the wound is. I loosen up, not enough for this psycho to escape though.
 "Are you insane, man?!" I say still restraining him.
 "Heh..Ha! Ahahaha! Heh!" He laughs insanely.
 I weaken by the pain, and the fear this guy brings me. Who is this guy?! How the hell did he get in here?! I keep control of his wrist on the floor, and steady my position. I realize my grey shirt and black shorts are covered in blood. It's probably from his white hoodie, which is drenched in red blood. I stay on him for a moment, with him struggling.
 I caught him off guard, which is good, but he still has his crazy smile carved into his cheeks. His eyes never close, and his pupils are always dilated. His skin is pale white, and a tear drops from
:iconxfionnax:xFionnax 9 16
Dawn - 1
 I walk down the quiet street, with only a few people going in and out of stores, only a couple of cars passing me. My grey hoodie keeps my body warm through the cold wind, along with my black skinny jeans. The only visible light I can see is the pool of brightness the street lights provide. I put my hood on my head, as the cold air is already whipping my curly brown hair around. I clutch my book-bag, full of my high school textbooks.
 I'm finding my way home, after spending a day with my best friend Sky. She had invited me over for studying, and we ended up goofing off the whole time I was there. I glance at the time on my phone, to which is says it's nine thirty-two. I didn't even study for the history test on Monday. I continue to walk towards the direction of my house, to where my little twelve year-old sister is waiting with my mom. I get to the steps of my house, I open the door and drop my bag onto the floor.
 "Hey Dawn, it's a bit late to arrive home don't you th
:iconxfionnax:xFionnax 9 17
Let it Go. (Fiolee)
 I walk slowly to a very sweet kingdom in a warm breeze. Prince Gumball invited me to have lunch with him, and I didn't bring Marshall. I couldn't trust him alone, for what happened with an ice girl, so I playfully sent Cake to watch him. I play with my hat's white bunny ears, drooping at the side of my head, and walk along the sugary grass. I think its Valentine’s Day. Is it? Shouldn't I be spending time with Marshall Lee? Ha, too late. He said he was busy anyway.
 I enter the Candy Kingdom, and move the blonde hair off my face. I shyly look around for someone, for some reason. Suddenly, a cute little marshmallow boy taps on my shoulder. I smile as he hands me a white rose with a scent of sweet marshmallow. He looks about my age, with white, soft-looking hair. I giggle, and slightly feel my cheeks warm up.
 "Thank you! That's so sweet." I say smiling.
 "You're welcome adventuress." He nods shyly, and I kiss him on the cheek.
 The cute Marshmallow boy blu
:iconxfionnax:xFionnax 89 56
I Tried ._. Marshall Lee by xFionnax I Tried ._. Marshall Lee :iconxfionnax:xFionnax 137 19
Fiolee .24 The End
 I close my eyes, and then feel a sudden burst of a cold breeze hit my face. My eyes open once again, and see white hair dipped with blue, a gorgeous face with beautiful blue eyes matching my own. Lunar?! Alarmed, I jump off of the silky bed. I step back, and feel my back hit the wall. My injured hip slams against the butterscotch wall, and then I feel more blood over coming the dried up kind. I let out a cry, and feel a patch of skin tear off of my waist.
 I whimper, and Lunar walks to me with a sense of gentleness in his eyes. So I allow him to come to me. He gets to his knees, and examines my hip. I look down at him, and he carefully puts his freezing palm over my injury. How is he able to disguise himself as Marshall Lee?! A stinging sensation courses through my waist to my upper abdomen. I once again utter a short whine, and feel my eyes water up. I realize i'm still in my underwear, and feel blush overcome my face. I hear Lunar chuckle, then I ask him what he was doing.
 "I'm try
:iconxfionnax:xFionnax 37 53
Fiolee .23
 Marshall Lee kisses my lips intensely, my breath going slower and slower. I try to push him off with all my might, but he's surprisingly stronger than me, and forces his weight down on me. I struggle, and knock down a glass vase on a table near the foot of the bed. He pins my wrists down to the bed, then I mutter a "stop" when I turn my head away, and feel his slender finger trace the line of my panties. He turns my head to him by the chin, and I feel the blood of his lip seep into my mouth. His hand slithers to my wrist again, and I feel my hand slip from his strong grip.
 I try to grab something to pull my away, but instead, I miss and fall to the hard peppermint floor with broken glass. I feel a shock of pain hit my lower hip, and shout. I glance at the new injury, and see red blood spilling across the sweet smelling floor. I reach for my hip and pull out a shard of glass from what feels like under my skin. I look up at Marshall, feeling my eyes piercing his.
"Fi, let me
:iconxfionnax:xFionnax 37 16
Fiolee .22
 Marshall didn't make an effort to stop me. He probably just sat there, kissing Grace. I'm so confused.. Now I'm here with Gumball, playfully having a sweet conversation, us both sitting on a cotton candy couch. PG eventually found me a ribbon to tie up my golden hair, and a long black dress, with a lot of lace.
"What happened? You were nude Fi." He chuckles. I recall being nude.
"Two words. Marshall. Lee." I say sighing. "He was kissing another girl. Some petite Ice-Kingdom girl. She's much prettier than me... Do you think that's why he did it?" I say hugging my knees on top of the candy couch.
"Fionna, I think you are very beautiful," he says, "Besides, I wouldn't trust Marshall Lee romantically, at least, that's what I think."
 My face warms up at PG complementing me, and he notices. My face grows hot even more, and I lean towards him, with him doing the same. We slowly lean towards each other, our lips just inches away. I can already smell the sweet scent of bubble gum flowing thro
:iconxfionnax:xFionnax 24 28
Fiolee .21
 My eyes swell up with tears, as I see Marshall Lee's lips press against Grace's. I pause, and watch him passionately kiss her dainty lips, and feel my heart shatter inside me. Ouch... I let out a cry, and rush out of Lunar's house, with only my black panties on, and my long hair covering my breasts. I keep running without stopping. I scream in frustration, and realize I still have my backpack with me. I fiercely take out my crystal sword and toss my backpack into the fast wind that's whipping my golden hair around.
 I want to kill something. Why would he do that to me?! Why...? I hear a faint call behind me, but I ignore it and keep running. I stop at what seems like a deep lake. A million thoughts crowd my head, filling up by mind with guilt, regret, and sadness. I take a deep breath, and close my eyes as I jump into the lake.
 My eyes flutter open, and I see pink everywhere-- I must be in Gumball's castle. A wave of grief washes over me as I recall the horrible memo
:iconxfionnax:xFionnax 25 33
Fiolee .20
 I come out and feel a breeze. I slowing make my way downstairs and catch Marshall's eye. I smile, and feel my face grow hot when I put on my bunny hat. I see he has a white dress shirt on with a black tie-- goes well with the black jeans. He looks at me in awe, but everything is uncomfortable; the skirt it hiked up high, the boots have laces, but the flannel shirt is fine. Except for the blood stains. Gee, Lunar's girlfriend is gonna think i'm a slut.
"Ready?" Marshall asks wearing a smirk.
I nod and simply say, "Yep."
 Without warning he scoops me up and flies out the door.
"I'm glad you wore this, Fi." He says slipping his hands beneath my shirt.
"Heyy!!" I shout shooing his hand away.
We arrive at Lunar's white house covered in snow, right on the border of the forest and Ice Kingdom. It's quite big too. I lightly step up the stairs in the front, and knock on the door. The door opens, and I see Lunar dressed up fancy, with a silhouette behind him.
"Hey! Glad you could ma
:iconxfionnax:xFionnax 26 58
Fiolee .19
  I push Marshall back a little, giving a gentle smile. I pull my hat back up, leaving locks of curls from the left side of my face. Not yet, can't be too sure if I wanna do this. I shake my head and kiss him on the cheek once more. He nods back and smiles.
"So, you wanna go somewhere?" He asks putting his hands in his pockets.
I think for a moment, and see it's getting dark outside, "Yeah, how about we go to dinner?" I say.
"Sure, where do you wanna go?" He asks, setting his feet on the ground.
"Surprise me." I say with a grin.
  I take the red scarf he gave to me, and put it around my neck. Then I hear my cell phone ring. I take out my little London-Blue phone, maybe the same color of my eyes. It has a cute little bunny chain that cake gave to me also. I pick up the call, and hear a familiar voice. I stay silent for a moment, then feel a smile creep onto my face.
"Wait, why don't we go to the Ice Kingdom for dinner?" I say in eagerness.
He gives me a 'what-the-hel
:iconxfionnax:xFionnax 37 29
Fiolee .18
  I arrive at Marshall Lee's cave, and find the temperature colder than it was outside. I take a look at Lunar's scarf, which was keeping my neck incredibly warm, then at my shoes. Black, flat Mary Jane's. Marshall actually bought me these when I was twelve I think. Back then my old ones got torn up when Cake and I were adventuring, I lost one in a river, and the other was burnt. Ironic right? So Cake told me she didn't have the money, and I ended up walking to ML's house with only my thigh-high socks.
  I lightly tap on his door, knowing it's still daytime. After about a minute, I sigh and see my breath fog in front of me. I start to head out of his cave and--
"Fionna!!" I hear a voice shout.
  Just as I turn around, I get pulled into a hug from behind. "Marshall?"
"Fionna! I missed you!" Marshall says still hugging me.
  As I turn around, I see Marshall making the cutest face. I blush, and feel myself smiling. He is wearing an unbuttoned blue f
:iconxfionnax:xFionnax 34 23
Fiolee .17
  It's been about a month since I was told Cake was preggers. I still can't believe she fooled around with LM. These last weeks I've been taking care of Cake non-stop, not even thinking of Marshall Lee. I even lost 10 pounds from not having time to eat..But today, Lord Monochromicorn is coming over to take my shift. Thank glob! I can't believe i'm this exhausted from Cake! Her baby sure takes affect really fast.
  I haven't taken a bath since the day after the party. Cake is constantly calling me, and I am still laying next to my sleeping cat. Somewhere, I lost my hat in the clutter of my room, and survived without it all this time. My hair is in a messy bun, all the thick-curly strands on top of my dirty face. I haven't changed my clothes since a week ago, and it feels like an eternity since I saw my dear boyfriend...Sheesh, what a girlfriend I am.
  I hear a light tapping on the front door, and instantly feel relieved. Hoping it's LM, I get up and answer
:iconxfionnax:xFionnax 41 15



ASDFGKLJKL;;;. Heywo. I haven't been on in a long fucking time D:. Sorry to all my fiolee fans & JTK fans. I really am sorreh! But I will be starting a new deviantart where new fiolee shit will be posted! <3
I'll update laaterr c:
:iconpika-girlxx: <<< NEW ACCOUNT FIOLEE ;DDD WATCH ME!!


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